Very first swimming lesson


Picture taken through very dirty glass from the observation area.  He LOVED it and his instructor said he did extremely well for it being his very first lesson!

8 thoughts on “Very first swimming lesson

  1. Nonna and Nonno are so proud of you Rocco. Once you learn how to swim, you can come to Myrtle Beach and swim in the big blue…..

  2. Awesome! Ben has his first lesson the beginning of March! I hope he does as well. I will be in the pool with him which will be a whole other issue! Ha!!!

  3. I am SO excited about the Roc swimming!!!

    Fabio started with swim lessons at 15 months and has gone weekly ever since. It has been a wonderful thing, challenging at times, but really a great thing. He is like a fish in the water. It soothes him like nothing else. And I feel he is safer in the water (not to let my guard down, but still…) I am lucky enough to have the owner teaching him due to his special needs. Can’t say enough about the experience.

    Good luck!

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