Monday + 3 Things

I love Mondays.  Back to routine and I get my much needed break in the afternoon.  I think it’s my favorite day of the week!

We’ve had a lot going on the past couple weeks and I feel like I’ve been going up and down on a see-saw.  The Roc’s been up at the Children’s hospital a couple times for various doctor appointments, I’ve started the process of trying to figure out if he should go on to kindergarten this fall (I oscillate between the two choices and drive myself crazy), I’ve been researching the two areas we are considering moving to, we’ve been trying to adjust the Roc’s diet to make him “go” regularly, and I’ve been reading some autism books (ya know, in my spare time).  Which brings me to my 3 things:

1.  I recently finished reading Karen DeFelice’s book titled “Enzymes for Autism” and started adding enzymes to the Roc’s diet this weekend.  I’ve known for awhile that he probably needed enzymes because I would find things in his diaper that he should have been able to easily digest (gross I know, sorry!).  According to her book, many people have had success using enzymes to break down foods and facilitate gut healing and health.  Some people were even able to add problematic foods back into their diets without side effects or regression.  I’m curious to see if this treatment will help the Roc and some of his gut issues.  It would also be nice if he could eventually eat some of the things that have been taken out of his diet.

2. Shrimp, scallops, and green peppers.  Oh my!  The Roc ate all three of those food items yesterday, FOR THE FIRST TIME!  The Roc has always shunned shrimp.  He wouldn’t try it.  No way.  Don’t even think about putting some on his plate or even near him on the table!

I don’t know what changed but yesterday GC made fisherman’s rice (yum!) for lunch and the Roc didn’t just try it, he gobbled it up!  He kept asking for more shrimp and scallops.  We ate the leftovers for lunch today and I ended up giving him all my shrimp.  He loves it!  I wonder how long this will last?

3. Stranger Anxiety.  For a long time now the Roc has had stranger anxiety.  I actually think it’s an aversion to touch or the fear of being touched, but while we are out in public it must appear to other people as a “stranger issue.”  Usually when we are out running errands the Roc will continually look over his shoulder and if anyone, ANYONE, is following us he gets very agitated and yells “there’s a people right there!”  “want them to go away!”  It’s lovely.

Now I know that I’m premature about commenting on his behavior the last two days, but I can’t help it.  Both yesterday and today we ran a bunch of errands, in and out of 3 separate stores both days, and not once did the Roc emit his usual response to other people being near us.  He didn’t even look over his shoulder.  It was wonderful to be able to walk through a store holding his hand, and just walk.

It’s these simple things that really make me happy.


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