“It’s Autism”

A total stranger said this to me tonight as I shepherded the Roc from our favorite natural food store:

“Whew!  Looks like someone needs to be sent to Miss Rose’s bootcamp.  He sure wouldn’t act like THAT anymore.  He needs some discipline.  He might have a sore bottom when he got home, but he’d shape up for sure.”

I gave “Miss” Rose my best death glare and cut her off at her “for sure” and said with just a bit (catch that sarcasm?) of venom in my voice:

“It’s Autism.”  “It’s Autism.”

She got into her car and I buckled the Roc into his car seat and gave him a big kiss.  I thought of all things I could have, should have said to “Miss” Rose, but didn’t.

Oh well.

Her rude and ignorant behavior didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.  I guess this cold weather is toughing up my skin.  We’ll see how I feel when the weather gets warmer.  Maybe I’ll be more willing to have it out with someone in a parking lot when my fingers aren’t completely white and useless.  (Damn Raynaud’s syndrome, or as my sister calls it “the phenomenon.”)

It’s just a fact of life.

Some people suck.


6 thoughts on ““It’s Autism”

  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! I am so amazed at people who think it is their place to comment on someone’s child. You handled it very well. I think you said all you needed to say.

  2. People suck and are so judgmental. I used to WISH someone would actually make a comment to me rather than just stare or have *that* look on their face. But, alas, no one ever did so I never got to say my peace. Probably for the best…

  3. I’ve only had the opportunity to say “it” like that once and it was just last fall, in the Orlando airport, in the family line, when a security guy kept barking at Foster and wouldn’t let me help him through the metal detector. And then when I did say the “a” word, he was all “I was just trying to help him understand what I needed him to do,” and “I wasn’t yelling at him…” I spun around and asked “so were you yelling at ME?” and my husband grabbed all four kids and ME by the arm and moved us away before the guy called for backup. . .

  4. Hmmm….maybe saying something wouldn’t have been the right move, anyway. I’m thinking a foot up her behind (sideways) would be a good response…

  5. I’m thinking a rock to the windshield or a slash to the tire.

    I love what you said and would only add 3 words to the end of it: “You Dumb F#ck!”…but maybe your death look filled that part in, huh?

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