Heck of a day

Yesterday I had a heck of a day.  I was preparing to bring the Roc up to the childrens hospital for his six month follow up with his developmental pediatrician when I opened up my online banking to find that my personal checking account was -$337.00!  HUHWHA!  The only thing I did recently with that account was add Christmas money to it!  There were two paypal transactions listed and my stomach dropped as I realized that someone hacked my paypal account and stole money from my checking account.  Crap.

I felt sick, but I had to run the Roc out the door and up to the hospital to see the doc.  I tried my best to prepare him, but again I didn’t do a good enough job and the busy hospital and all the people in the waiting room threw him off.  He wasn’t much better when the doctor came in with a resident who was observing.  I didn’t prepare him for that as I couldn’t have possibly known about it.  The Roc did some of the testing and refused to do the rest saying he wanted to go home.  He wouldn’t let the doctor get near him and he was visibly upset by the resident being in the room with us.  I had a hard time talking to the doc, but I didn’t cry this time (yay me).  She said he is still about a year behind developmentally.  I knew that.  We talked about my dilemma with the school telling me he should go to kindergarten next year (3 weeks after turning 5) and my desire that he stay in preschool another year.  The doctor agreed with me that another year of preschool would benefit him and would add her recommendation to the written report I will receive in a few weeks.  She did warn me that her recommendation might not hold much weight as the medical world and the educational world spin in two separate fields and don’t communicate very well.  She also told me to get a parent advocate and that if it came to it, she knew a few lawyers who we could hire to help us.  Gosh I hope it doesn’t come to that.  I’m preparing to put my B.I.T.C.H hat on though.  It’s a little dusty, but if that’s what it takes, I’ll wear it.

After I sent the Roc off to school I started to tackle my stolen money problem.  I contacted paypal and started the resolution process to get my money back.  Then I contacted my bank to disput the two transactions and the overdraft fee associated with said transactions.  I had to go to the bank to fax out some paperwork and then open up a new checking account.  The bastard who hacked my paypal account now has my banking info.  Great   Lucky for us, I only have my “fun” personal account info on paypal so said bastard didn’t get our joint account info.  Whew!  It will take up to 10 days for all my money to get reimbursed and then I have to close that account down. Pain. In. The. Ass.

Yup, I have an eyelid infection.  I woke up with a seriously red, seriously huge, puffy, angry, deformed, painful looking eye.  I’ve had this before and the old antibiotic ointment I was putting in my eye earlier this week must be too old, or it’s cat eye ointment…I have a couple different tubes in the bathroom so I just picked one on Monday and tried it out.  It’s not working so I’m going to the doctor to request a brand new tube.

Sigh.  Whine/rant over.


3 thoughts on “Heck of a day

  1. Wow. I don’t know where to begin. I guess I should say that your post scared the bejesus out of me and before I even read the entire thing I went and checked on our bank account. . .

    I agree with the doc that the medical and educational fields don’t mesh well. In our district, I would like to point the blame at the school psychologist and the special ed director, both of whom act like I am the thief in the paypal account. They have a budget, and we’re there to assault it.

    On the other hand, our district discourages parents of late birthday kiddos (summer birthdays, and boys especially) from sending kids to school when they are 5. So I’m a little shocked at their resistance. Grab your b*tch hat and tell them to get with the program. Lots of parents decide to wait until 6 to send kids – even “typicals.”

    Re: poo – try a glycerine suppository. My kids ask for them (“poop medicine”) when they are backed up. It seems to get things moving without cramping. The epsom salts are great, too, but not fast acting. And, since you’re asking, I would hold off on anymore gassy foods until he goes.

    Re: your eye – um, maybe you should keep the pet meds separate from the people meds? Just a thought…

    Hope today is much better (though somewhat poopier).


  2. What a day!
    I think the gylcerin suppository is a great idea. My daughter was constipated ALL the time. We’ve found that she’s worse when she has dairy, so maybe avoid that. She has also used Senokot for kids, a chocolate flavored laxative and Miralax in the past. Good luck.

  3. We used a kids laxative in the past for Ben. It tasted like root beer. He went through this phase for about 3 months. He would just tighten up and scream. It was horrible. Finally when I could get him to relax I got get him to go. As far as the banking thing. That sucks. How does that happen….I use paypal all the time and know I am skeptical! Let me know how you are doing…

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