Christmas Eve in Pictures

Our morning started off with a runny nose….Uh-Oh.  “Oh NO, a runny nose!!!!!” the Roc said in the whiny, high pitch he uses whenever he is the least bit upset.  Runny noses (and “sweaty butt” when he used to wear a pull-up full time) really throw the Roc off.  He can’t get past the sensation of the runny nose.  It completely distracts him and he doesn’t like it one bit, and he lets me know…all day long.  I gave him a towel to carry around for the day, which I regretted later when he had a raw nose, and figured I’d just add it to the laundry tonight.  Even though it’s just the three of us, laundry never seems to end around here.  Besides waking up with a runny nose, the Roc also woke up in a wet bed.

Wet bed = Laundry for Mommy + something spinning for the Roc to look at.


Warm laundry on the floor = cats on the laundry.


After breakfast the Roc and I headed off to his favorite store for some last minute shopping.


It’s his favorite because they have fountains.


Lots and lots of fountains.



He found a Christmas tree ornament right as we walked in, literally in a basket by the door, and carried it around with him.   So I bought it for him.  Of course I did, this is a boy who never asks for ANYTHING.   He was very happy.


And we hung the ornament on the tree when we got home.


Later as I was making the Roc’s lunch I heard him saying “meow” “meow” and I turned around to find him “talking” to Lucy.


oops!  There’s a cat tail in that picture!  Then as Lucy went to rub on the Roc he said “ROAR!” and tried to scare her.  He’s always liked the cats but this was the first time he’s interacted with them quite like that.  Funny.


After lunch the Roc relaxed on the couch and watched a movie


while I made him some bean soup to eat for dinner.  Doesn’t look that appetizing but it is really tasty and he likes it (and he eats carrots without realizing it!)


While making the soup I accidentally clogged the sink…oops, time to get a new disposal, this one doesn’t like carrots.


The Roc and I made cookies for Santa.



And this was when I realized that the Roc really wasn’t feeling all that great.  Whenever we bake he hangs around the oven and waits for the first batch of whatever we are making to come out.  Then he usually whines the whole time said food is cooling.  Not today.  He didn’t even wait for the first batch of cookies before he requested to watch another movie and lay on the couch.  Poor guy.  Around this time GC got home from work and unclogged my sink.


Since the Roc was occupied with his movie and the cats were busy watching the birds,


I decided to visit my little friend in the basement, my treadmill.


When I got back upstairs, and after I had showered, I found this sad little guy on the couch.


He requested to “relax on the couch while Mommy watches a show”  which is what we did back in February while he recovered from a double ear infection – he dozed while I watched about 30 Giada cooking shows.  Tonight we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and Shrek while GC cooked dinner.


After dinner we let the Roc open a few gifts from far away relatives and then it was time for bed, after we put out the cookies for Santa.  The presents and cookies seemed to cheer him up a bit.




The Roc is sleeping now and I’ve put the presents under the tree.  GC is putting together the one item the Roc asked Santa for – a train table.


There’s only been a small amount of cursing during table construction and most of it has happened when GC figured out that a couple wooden pieces are missing for the “roundhouse.”  I thought we would just leave that item off the table for now until the company sent us the pieces, but GC wants it to be completed for the Roc and so he’s out in the garage sawing little wooden dowels he bought a few months ago and trying to fix the roundhouse himself while I write.  And he did it!  He’s so happy.


He said he was worried that Christmas would be ruined for the Roc.  Crisis averted.  What a good Daddy.  Now we have to wrap this thing and hope the cats don’t drive us crazy tonight because we are leaving the table in our room and having the Roc open it last.


I’m so excited for the Roc to see all the presents under the tree tomorrow.  I know he doesn’t feel well tonight but he made my Christmas when I was putting him to bed.  As I pulled up covers and leaned down to kiss him he said in his little voice and pronoun reversal:

“Mommy makes you happy”

and that’s the best Christmas present I could have asked for!


One thought on “Christmas Eve in Pictures

  1. Awesome to hear those words! Yay for his daddy fixing the train table. (I think my husband would have done the same thing.) Did Roc love it?

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