The Roc has started calling for me.  Finally.  It’s been happening more frequently the last few weeks and it’s music to my ears.  I’ve waited soooo long to hear it.  About 4 years and 2 months to be exact.


I’ll never tire of it and if I ever do complain, please, someone slap me across the face.

Something else I’ve been hearing, which is equally musical to this Mommy’s ears, is “Look at ME!”  Over the summer I taught the Roc to say that when he got to the top of the slide, which I’m sure seemed a bit funny to the other parents at the playground that day, and lately he’s been saying it when he wants my attention.  When I’m cooking, on the phone, writing a list, on the computer, just about anytime I’m not looking at him.   What we need to work on now is saying it with an inside voice since he’s still using it as if he’s at the playground.


He wants my attention and it’s just so…lovely.


4 thoughts on ““Mommy!”

  1. Rocco’s progress is amazing. Yes, “Mommy” is a sweet word to hear from your child and I know you’ve been patiently waiting to hear him say it to you. I am so happy for you both…..

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