Bubble Burst

Here I’ve been thinking for the last week that the Roc was doing well.  I had a rough time with him 2 weeks ago and just about lost my mind (thanks Christa for finding it for me) but the last week has been good.  No major tantrums, less whining, easier transitions, more asking for help instead of screaming in frustration, lots of smiles (which is pretty typical for him) and then while I was writing the Birthday Party post I got an email from the Roc’s awesome preschool teacher… and my happy bubble burst.

She said he has been having a tough time for the past two weeks, not wanting to sit where he’s supposed to, difficulty with transitions, resisting hand-over-hand assistance, and they’ve been having to use time-outs, picture schedules for arrival and departures, and a special blue chair during carpet time (which he may need during the holiday concert on Friday).   She asked if there’s been a change in his diet because she knows he’s GFCF and left her phone numbers for me to call.  Sigh…

THEN as I was about to call the Roc’s awesome preschool teacher GC called me to tell me about the company meeting he had at 5 pm…on a Monday night…with the CEO down from Massachusetts.  Turns out they are closing down the Delaware office and GC has two options 1) keep his job and relocate to Massachusetts or 2) Lose his job come May and possibly get some severance, if he stays in good standing with the company…

Bye-bye pretty bubble.  It was nice to see you while you were here.  Come again real soon…

So, we have some decisions to make.  I don’t know anything about Massachusetts or anyone in Massachusetts.  We did always say that we wouldn’t stay here forever but haven’t been able to agree on where to go.  So much to think about.  So stressful.

Back to the Roc.  I talked to his awesome preschool teacher and she said he isn’t being “awful” it’s just that his behavior has changed in the last two weeks and it’s enough of a change for her to notify me.  I’ve looked back over his food logs and I have been varying his diet a little more so that may be it but it’s hard to say for sure without taking away everything different and then starting over.  Also, he was treated for Molluscum exactly two weeks ago, with Cantharone, and now I wonder if that stuff affected him in some way.  We went to the dermatologist this morning and he got another treatment on the original bump that won’t go away.  I probably should have done a little research on Cantharone to see if it could affect neurology…but the bumps were spreading and he was itching them and I didn’t want it to get worse.  Sigh…I can’t keep up!


2 thoughts on “Bubble Burst

  1. So sorry about the bubble bursting. Sometimes it makes me wonder if the joy of the bubble was worth the pain of its inevitable burst…

    My son is on the specific carbohydrate diet…which is like GF/CF on steroids, so I know where you’re coming from with the food logs and behaviors. I’d still bet the change is from the drug.

    But on a food-related note: Have you given him foods that are high in salicylates or phenols? You would not believe the MAJOR difference those foods can have on behavior! Raisins turn my son into a self-biting, aggressive nut–for 10-14 days afterwards! And thats just one of the foods that do it. Foods everyone would consider healthy otherwise. email me if you want a list or want to talk.

    As for Massachusetts, I’ve only heard great things about their healthcare system, so maybe that means good things for services. My son’s teacher just relocated here this year from Massachusetts where she was trained at the May Institute. I’ll ask her about services there and let you know. I’ve been to MA and it beautiful and full of history. Good luck.

  2. I second HopeAuthority’s comment about services in Mass. I’ve heard amazing things. There’s an aide in our school district who came from the Mass school system, and she is so well trained it’s incredible – she’s better than some of the special ed teachers, quite frankly.

    Hopefully there will be a bright side to all of this chaos!

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