Birthday Party

I took the Roc to a birthday party on Saturday.  Usually I feel very apprehensive before bringing the Roc to a party.  I worry about the amount of new children, the amount of strange adults, the new and different locations, the noise, the general chaos, and how all of that will affect the Roc.  I worry that he will break down, meltdown, and cause a scene.  I worry that he might “ruin” the party for the birthday kid and that the adults may regret inviting him in the first place.

Not this time.

This party was for my new neighbor’s kids, her 9 year old son with Autism and his 7 year old brother.  It was the first party we’ve gone to where I just knew that the birthday momma would “get it” and I wasn’t worried about her being annoyed by the Roc’s behavior and/or regretting inviting him.  What a feeling!

The party was at the Little Gym and we got there right as it was starting.  The kids were lining up to go in the gym so I quickly pulled off the Roc’s socks and shoes and told him to go line up…and he did!  He went in with the other kids and followed along sitting down on the mat.  Parents were allowed inside so of course I went, camera in hand.  The Roc totally enjoyed himself and just surprised the heck out of me.  He was usually at the back of the line or the back of the group (less kids to touch him), and most of the time a beat behind because he wasn’t listening to the instructions but was imitating what the other kids were doing (which is awesome in itself!), but I was just so happy that he joined in.  When the Roc was much younger we attempted the Little Gym and it proved to be too much for him and I was so glad back then that I didn’t sign up for 10 weeks of class.  Now I think it might be a good thing for him, especially in the winter.  He didn’t attempt any of the bar activities but got a huge kick out of running and falling on this gigantic wedge.  Hello deep pressure!


His favorite was the balance beam, again, a surprise to me!


He did everything with a smile and seemed so pleased with himself.  After the gym activities it was time for pizza and cake.  He rain toward the room with the other children yelling “pizza and cake yay!!.”  I was a little worried, but he didn’t balk at not getting pizza and happily munched on his GFCF pretzels and then wolfed down the cupcake I brought for him (the cupcake being the reason he didn’t care about the pizza!).  After the party we went back to the birthday boy’s house (they live down the street) and the Roc had great fun being chased around by the 7 year old.  It was a fun afternoon.


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