Baby + EE

I’m not really good at wordless posts for “wordless Wednesday”  but I am good at posts with lots of photos!  Here is something I’ve been wanting to document for awhile.  The Roc’s love of his “Baby” and “EE.”

I’m not sure exactly when the Roc became attached to these stuffed animals but they are his most beloved toys.  He even named them himself when he first started talking.  EE and Baby.  At one time I bought a replacement EE and Baby off Ebay just in case he ever lost the originals.  He immediately dubbed them “New EE” and “New Baby.”  (I did lose New EE at the mall and had to go back on Ebay to replace it!)

The first photographic evidence I have of this love affair is of the baby Roc and Baby.  “Well hello there little guy” the Roc seems to be saying.  Notice that lovely bit of drool hanging down to the floor?!  I just noticed it myself!


Not long after that first photo EE or Baby was around for all sorts of things like learning how to walk,


and even a little mischief!


Also for those pesky Christmas card photo shoots.


And for when said photo shoot goes on too long.


They’ve been toted all around the house.


And even to my Grandma’s house in Indiana.  They’ve been on more plane rides than most people!


The used to go on every car ride no matter how long or short. Now they only leave the house for out-of-state trips.  Next up – Arizona!


They even toured the neighborhood with the Roc when he dressed up as an Elephant for Halloween when he was 2 years old.


They’ve slept in a crib.


And they accompanied the Roc during the transition to his big boy bed.  I just noticed the packing tape on the Roc’s pj shorts! We used to tape his pants to his shirt at night to keep him from digging in his pull up and pulling UP his pee-pee, thus preventing pee all over the bed.  I was so sick of washing sheets every morning that I came up with the packing tape idea.  I called it his belt.


They even used to take summer time naps on the floor.


They hung out with the Roc while he recovered from a double ear infection a month after starting school this past February.


They are always up for a good time as evidenced in this tickling photo taken in South Carolina this summer.


They only appear in a handful of photos from 2008 but they still go to bed with the Roc every night.  I wonder when he will give them up, or if he every will!

They are much loved and here’s more photographic proof.  The original Baby and EE,


and as they are today….



3 thoughts on “Baby + EE

  1. Aw, these photos are awesome. It’s wonderful that you have so many pics of the Roc with his elephants. I don’t have NEARLY enough photos of Little Man with his “blankie.”

  2. Cute!
    Oh, and I love the packing tape + pajamas idea! If we ever have that problem again, I know what we will try now! 🙂

  3. OMG! This is the cutest post! I love all the pics of Rocco and his little elephants through the years. Aiden always wants to get Rocco something elephant related, it makes me laugh.

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