Wednesday Wow!

The Roc really wow’d me this morning.  He requested to “color with markers” which usually means drawing lines or circles all over the paper and the occasional “H.”  He still fists the marker and won’t hold it correctly for me (and only me apparently).  I don’t know where the fascination with the letter “H” came from but it’s been around for awhile now, in fact it’s the first letter he learned in the alphabet.  He finds the letter “H” all over the place and a long time ago I taught him how to draw his own.  Today while he repeatedly drew “H” all over the paper I casually handed him a blank page and asked him to write his name (never thinking this would happen!).  He flipped the marker around and started to draw the “O” in his name.  I asked him if he needed help with the “R” and he said yes.  After I helped him hand over hand with the “R” he finished writing his name!  Oh. My.God.  I was stunned and so excited!!!  I didn’t know he could DO that!!!!!! He has so much trouble with fine motor and usually won’t hold the marker correctly when I’m around.   Pretty cool!


The picture isn’t the best but you get the idea.  And yes, he did draw 2 sets of “C” but that’s okay! This totally made my day!


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