Hockey + Independence

Two very cool things happened this morning.  First, the Roc found a little wooden hockey stick (that we’ve had around since before he was born), grabbed a ball and started to play hockey in the kitchen!




How cute it that!!  He came up with that totally on his own!

The second cool thing happened when I told the Roc it was time to get ready for school.  He went to the bathroom, opened the door, turned on the light (he seems to be getting better about the dark),


opened the lids, peed, flushed, closed the lids and then came out and pulled up his pants!


He needed a little help adjusting the pants but he did all that on his own without prompts!! Yay!!  I think using a schedule has really helped him.


His awesome preschool teacher made this up with a bunch of pictures I requested.  Just another reason she’s awesome! (and no, she has never read this blog!)


We had a very fun morning and the Roc was very excited to go to school.  Happy Friday!



5 thoughts on “Hockey + Independence

  1. Rocco is blessed to have such a wonderful, thoughtful and creative teacher. He has come so very far! You go Rocco — Nonno and Nonna are so proud of you…..

  2. Awww, I love the pics of hockey and the Roc being independent! And the schedules — the use of one of those made all the difference between getting my little guy to school his first year. So handy to have around for all sorts of things!

  3. I just got caught up on your blog. Such GREAT things have been happening for Rocco and you and GC. What an awesome preschool teacher he has!
    Excited for you that you have a Wal-mart. Is it nearby? I hear ya about wanting it to be a Super Target!!! Take what you get, right?! Miss you! FYI….I am back at work now so feel free to e-mail me and make my day a little more exciting!!!!

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