A New Day + A Happy Roc

We had a cranky Roc at our house last night.  Lots of whining and quick frustration over silly things.  What’s silly you ask?  The screaming/crying fit at the dinner table because two pieces of pasta were stuck together is a good example!  It was one of those nights when I looked at GC and just said “Seriously?  Geesh!!” There’s only so much whine this Mommy can handle (and I’ve never been able to handle my wine).  I was ever so happy to leave the crankster with GC and head out to scrapbook with a group of ladies (though I second guessed myself when the Obama bashing started as soon as we all sat down.  Seriously? How did I manage to surround myself with Republicans?!  Yikes!! I held my tongue not wanting to get into it – I will never change their minds and they will never change mine.  When they started going on about gay marriage I unleashed my tongue.  I was starting to shake and I thought they just might be able to see my heart thumping like crazy and the vein bulging in my neck.  I think I’m invited to the next get together…I hope…

What a difference a day can make (for the Roc).  I had a Happy Roc this morning!  He was singing and playing and talking up a storm!  Music and songs have been “in” for the past few weeks.  His Great-Aunt Sandy’s piano CD and Jack Johnson have been regulars in the car lately.  He erupts with songs from school and even a Mr. Rogers song the bus driver has been singing.  How cute is that?!  The bus driver sings with the kids!  I do think it’s a survival tactic on his part-the ride home not only has the preschool kids in the first couple rows, but also the kindergarten kids and I can’t quite describe how LOUD they are!!  He always looks a little harried and this week he started singing into his microphone instead of yelling the usual “quiet down kids” and  “stay in your seats.”  I completely understand…I’ve been known to listen to my MP3 player and sing during some of the Roc’s epic meltdowns…

So, singing was on the agenda for this morning.  The Roc singing into his microphone:


Also on today’s agenda: tee ball


Hmmm…notice the ball is coming right for the camera?  Wonder if he’s trying to tell me something?  Put down the camera Crazy Camera Lady!

Another favorite activity of the morning:  jumping on my bed




Right after I took this adorable picture the Roc said to me “when I bounce on my back a toot comes out!”  “It was a little toot”  gotta love a little bathroom humor!

Oh, he also requested to pee standing up this morning.  Which I know might seem like too much information (TMI) but we really do celebrate the little things around here (I immediately emailed GC and he called me as soon as he read it) and that was another step in the right direction (and will be sooo nice in public bathrooms!)

A Happy Roc = A Happy Day!


4 thoughts on “A New Day + A Happy Roc

  1. Funny. Brian & Marissa’s bus driver sings the lyrics to Spongebob Squarepants (but only on Fridays to their dismay). I can only imagine the scene… “are you ready kids?” “I I captain” “OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……..”

  2. Hey, all republicans aren’t so bad 😉 Yay for Rocco, I love hearing about all his new accomplishments. You need to get him on video singing his songs!

  3. OHMYGOSH he is DARLING. What a great smile!

    I laughed out loud about the pasta. That is SO our house! And I SO don’t have any patience for it. I know it is a real reaction, and a valid one on C’s part, but yet somehow it still makes me want to tear out my own hair and his. Yikes. Sensory stuff sucks.

    Watch out for that pasta. I’ve been getting “the peanut butter/jelly is too warm” lately. And the sweet potato jars have “spots” in them. LORD, GRANT ME PATIENCE!

    And don’t even get me started on the gay marriage issue. I’ve never been so ashamed of California. I’m not surprised about Arizona (my state), but it still made me sooooooooo sad and angry. Grr…

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