We started our Halloween celebration on Thursday night – carving pumpkins.  Actually, GC designs and carves while I watch and take pictures!

The Roc stuck his hand in the pumpkin once.  That one time was enough for him!

He went on to show me what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas.

A train table.  We are wondering when he’ll change his mind and ask for something else!  GC did a very nice job on the pumpkins this year!

He designed the pumpkin on the left to “barf it’s pumpkin guts” on the steps – nice (he did get a lot of compliments from the boys in the neighborhood!).  The pumpkin on the right is the NJ Devils hockey symbol (explanation for my MN friends and family).  Pretty creative!

On Halloween morning the Roc helped me make GFCF pumpkin muffins. YUM!

They had a Halloween parade at his preschool but I opted to stay home – he tends to act up when I attend school stuff and we have been preparing him for Mommy to attend the next field trip (to a farm) so I didn’t want to mess him up by just showing up at school.  After school we took the Roc to the playground where he got to do one of his favorite things – SWING.

And race GC down the slides.

It’s really looking like fall around here.

After dinner the Roc put on his costume.  Spider Man (again!)

He had fun trick-or-treating at our neighbors houses.  Just like last year – he wanted to “go inside” everyone’s house!

When we got home we confiscated the candy and the Roc had his GFCF cupcake.

Lot’s of fun!


3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Rocco – you look like such a cute Spider Man – I hope you had a fun time going trick or treating…. Also, the NJ Devils pumpkin was very creative – we NJ sports fans really enjoyed that….

  2. The Roc and Chee really ARE similar. She used to get upset when I’d visit her at school too. It was much worse last year than it has been this year. I’ve only been once this year and it really wasn’t too bad at all.

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