Tuesday was a Great Day!

Over the last couple weeks the Roc has been having some behavioral issues at home (and some at school too, though his awesome preschool teacher said it was “nothing to write home about”).  His frustration is immediate and this leads to lots of yelling, screaming and whining…not a lot of fun (for either of us).   Then I got this email from the Roc’s awesome preschool teacher yesterday:

“I just wanted to let you know that Rocco had a great day today!  He was really “on.”  He didn’t have any “fits” or “screaming” at all.  He was really into “dressing up” in the costumes –first time.  He enjoyed himself with the other kids.  He didn’t want me to take his picture though.  Also, when I was at the block area with him and some other kids I was asking them why this one block kept falling down (they were trying to put it on top of a curved block).  He told me “because it goes like this” and he ran his hand over the curve.  No one else was able to verbalize that!  Way to go Rocco!  He has so much in that little head of his!  It is fun trying to work on getting it out!

Totally made my day!  GC put the Roc to bed last night while I went to a biomedical support group meeting and when I got home he said the Roc had a great night!  No tantrums, no screaming, no whining.  Just lots of descriptive talk and a lot of singing!

What a great day!

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