Playground in October

The wind finally died down a bit so the Roc and I went to the playground after school.  I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture since this one last Wednesday:

so I grabbed my camera to document the change a week in October makes:

I was watching the Roc play on the playground and I realized that I was doing something that last year I wondered if I would ever do:

Relax on the bench and watch while my kid played!  Granted, the Roc was the only one on the playground at the time, but sitting on the bench instead of hovering around him has been happening more frequently and it’s nice.  Another nice thing:

The Roc leaving the playground to come and give me a kiss…and

figuring out how to STEER this tricycle!  Finally!  Back in the spring he would just sit on it passively and let me do all the work.

Gotta love changes…


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