New York City!

The Roc didn’t have school on Friday so GC took off work and we headed to NYC for the day.  We lucked out and had beautiful weather.  We drove up to Princeton and caught the 9:48 am express train and arrived in about an hour.

The Roc really likes to ride on the train.  He was having an “all about daddy day” and wanted to sit on GC’s lap the entire way (which was fine with me!).   When we got to the city we started walking and ended up walking right past one of our new favorite restaurants.

So we stopped and had lunch.

After lunch we headed over to Central Park and the Roc spied a playground he remembered from the summer (you’ll recognize this place Hilary!).  We stopped and let him run free.  He climbed all over and had a blast.  It’s one of the first times he really explored without stopping to make sure he knew where we were.

Lucky for us the water was turned off.  The fountains were still on though!

I got to sit and enjoy the weather and the fall colors.  After the playground we tried to go to the Central Park Zoo but were not aware that they only took CASH and we were 5 bucks short!  We were pretty disappointed but promised the Roc that next time we’ll definitely go to the zoo.  Bummer!  We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Central Park enjoying the fall colors and the beautiful weather.


3 thoughts on “New York City!

  1. NYC!!! lucky ducks! I am so proud of you guys that you brought Rocco there again. Lucky for you the water was turned off…..oh, wait. That was my son that got soaked!
    Looked like a lot of fun…..we are all jealous!

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