Fire house Fieldtrip

On Thursday the Roc had his first field trip of the school year – to the fire house.  I went along and it’s probably the last field trip I’ll attend for awhile.  The Roc just acts different whenever I go to his school!  He always displays some sort of bad behavior that the teachers swear they never see.  It was still fun to go and I made a new friend.  Another mom with a son on the spectrum.  Here are a few pics from the field trip:

walking with Mrs. W - he wouldn't hold MY hand...

walking with Mrs. W

the 2 afternoon classes

the 2 afternoon classes


3 thoughts on “Fire house Fieldtrip

  1. I hear you about kids acting different with their parents around. I love parents to come visit the classroom, but I’m also happy that they don’t come everyday. I’m so happy to hear all the positive changes in Rocco. Go early intervention! He looks so cute in all of the pictures!

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