Haircut + Horses

The Roc had a busy day yesterday.  He got his haircut at the barber shop and did really well.  He never liked going to “Kids Kuts” (kiddie themed haircutting establishment) but he loves the barber shop.  (I think it has something to do with the spinning barber shop pole).

When we first got there he was talking non-stop.  “I see a spinner”  “This one wiggles”  “It has a wrinkle in it” “I’m going to get a haircut”  “I’m going to sit in the big chair”  “That man is going to cut your hair”  “This chair spins”  “I see the spinner”  “I hear a fan”  “that tickles”  It was the first time that I sat down (In the next chair) and let the barber give all the instructions-and he listened!







After school we went over to C-Line Stables for his first therapeutic riding lesson!  It went great!  His instructor Becca is very nice and our neighbor Jack is the volunteer leading the horse.   They worked on getting the Roc to give the horse instructions “Walk Polly” “Stop Polly” and some did some balance exercises.  He looks so small on that horse!

It was a good day!


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