Neighbors + Horses

Some of the nicest people I’ve met on the East Coast have been my neighbors here in Delaware.  Last week one of them, Jack, approached me while the Roc and I were waiting at the bus stop.  He volunteers at a riding center that does therapeutic riding for children with disabilities and set us up with a time to come and check out the center.  That was last night.  I was a little apprehensive because the Roc was TERRIFIED of a pony at a birthday party we attended two weeks ago.  He clung to me and wanted me to carry him when he was in sight of that pony!  I figured he would behave the same at the stables so I left my camera at home – mistake – he was so excited to see the horses and said yes when Jack asked him if he wanted to ride!!  Jack got a horse named “Tony” and GC performed the “dump and run” (plop the Roc on the horse and they take off and whatever happens-happens) and the instructors lead the Roc on a little ride!  The smile on his face was so big!

So I’ve spent my morning getting the Roc set up for a physical so we can sign him up for riding lessons.  One of the neatest things about this center is that they will work on other “issues” that the Roc has.  I’ve got a big packet of info to fill out on what the Roc’s issues are and what kinds of things I want them to work on and what I hope he can accomplish.  very cool.

I just wish I had brought my camera so I could share how big that smile was during his first ever ride on a horse!

One thought on “Neighbors + Horses

  1. Hi Kim,

    Not only are you beautiful, but also very smart.
    GREAT blog.
    I too am sorry that you did not have your camera, but their will be other opportunities. I have seen a lot on these riding therapy programs. Many out in this part of the country.
    Sandy is in S.C. for a week so I am batching it, with the dogs.
    That cat has got to go on a diet!! Or else we can play “Pop the balloon” with him.

    Love, Uncle Allen

    Hugs to the Roc and GC

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