That’s not a cat….it’s a Manatee!!!

“that’s the biggest cat we’ve ever seen!” is the usual response we get from people when they see Basil for the first time. “That’s not a cat…it’s a manatee” is definitely the most original – as said by our good friend’s Christa and Greg.

We know that we have a seriously big cat. He has an eating disorder of the overeating kind. We KNOW that he has a problem, but we just can’t seem to stop him. A few years ago when we only had two cats we put him on a diet….it didn’t go so well. In the middle of the night he would get in my face and MEOW, then bite my nose and pull my hair. Not fun. GC would throw him out of the room to which he learned to open the door. We locked the door. Most cats stick their paws under the door to jiggle it – not Basil…he would stand up on his back legs and jiggle the door handle. GC changed the door knob to the round kind. He learned to open that. We locked it. He would stand up and jiggle the door handle.

Not only did he participate in these lovely evening activities, he stalked our little girl cat, tried to steal her food, and tackled/wrestled her all day long. AGGRESSIVE is an understatement. It didn’t take long before we gave up and went back to the “feeding trough”

That was four years ago. We’ve added a kid and two other cats to the household and with each addition he got bigger…

Now this is what he has become…

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